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We provide services before, during, and post-event. These range from online registration setup, bib/packet preparation, packet pickup, bib and results lookup, and live athlete tracking, just to name a few.

We utilize state-of-the-art RFID timing systems and software created by RM Timing Systems. With our system's features and software constantly updated, we have the capability to apply many types of chips that will cater to your event, including those that attach to bibs, bicycle frames, shoes, or even an ankle straps for multi-sport events. In addition, we provide the race organizers with helpful reports during and after the race.

SVE Timing times some of the largest events in the nation, including those put on by the Big Sur International Marathon, Run Long Beach, Dana Point Turkey Trot, the San Francisco 49ers, Kaiser Permanente, The Giant Race, and many more. If you would like any references regarding our quality of work, please don't hesitate to shoot us a message, and we'll get you in contact with some our current clients.

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Our Services

  • High energy staff
  • Low-cost and reliable RFID Chips
  • Professional looking presence
  • Live athlete tracking online
  • Instant results
  • SMS, email, or social post of split and finish times

Our Clients Include

  • Big Sur International Marathon
  • Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon
  • Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills
  • Morgan Hill Marathon
  • The Giant Race
  • Mountains 2 Beach Marathon
  • USA Productions Triathlon Series
  • Long Beach Marathon
  • Dana Point Turkey Trot
  • The Sharks Run
  • Two Cities Marathon and Half Marathon
  • The Ventura Marathon

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